Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nervous Bot

Collaboration With - Arctic Arcade
Play At - Dojo, NG, Kong
Description - This game is all about rules and how you can't break any.  You play as a robot who has to complete each level flawlessly, otherwise you explode.  Tasks are always pretty simple, but with more rules that you have to learn, it starts getting tougher to complete them.

History - The original title was '99 rules' and we've kept that concept with this game pretty decently through the whole development process.  We focused on making sure the game isn't bogged down with too many rules that makes it almost unplayable, so a lot of the rules are specific to what's in the actual level.

Sequel? - A few ideas we had was to have more robots with different traits.  Like the green one (who you saw in the ending comic) would be a robot that is made of various parts, and you have to retrieve them in each level to beat it.  For example, you are just a head, but you need a body and legs in order to be able to jump up to some platform.  The girl bot was another one, because we don't want the damsel to always be the one who needs to be saved.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kill The Plumber

Collaboration With - Keybol
Play At - DojoNGKong
Description - It’s payback time! Play as different enemies of the familiar plumber and beat him to a pulp!

Kill the Plumber is unique platformer game where you play as the enemies instead of the hero. There are puzzles, timed survivals, and boss fights where you play as the boss. That’s right! Play as flying Big Ghost and King Bowler who unleash devastating fireballs and stomps!

History - We had no idea KTP would get as popular as it did.  The way we came up with it was a fairly long process of tossing ideas back and forth.  Eventually I opened up an old spreadsheet of game ideas I had and we decided on a "you are the enemy" type of game.  The original idea was it's always the same screen for each level, but the 'hero' gets more powerful each time.  We decided that would limit the game too much so we ventured to different mechanics, like more enemy types to play as.

Sequel? - We already have KTP2 released, and a steam version that will be out by early next year.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

1 Screen Hero

Collaboration With - Wes Selken (code) & Brian Bunker
Play At - DojoNGKong
Description - You are an adventurous hero, and it's your duty to explore this dungeon to find treasures and fight monsters. Be warned, you are cursed and can't die. Every time you attempt to end your life, you keep coming back to a completely new, but similar experience until you can defeat all the tough levels.

History - This game originally started as a Ludum Dare challenge, where the theme was "the whole game on one screen." We decided to make a rogue-like game in which the floor changes as you keep going.  The UI also takes place on the same screen.